PDF Exporting

Create, customise and print inventory documents in Ampoule

PDF Exporting

There’s nothing quite like the old-school feel of a real paper document in your hand. Even in 2023 we sometimes need to exchange information in this way. Maybe you need to print a summary of your inventory or request a resupply from your pharmacist.

Ampoule makes this easy with PDF exporting. Portable Document Format (PDF) is a global standard for digital documents that is compatible across all systems and can even be printed on paper!

In Ampoule, PDF Export is in the Data tab. You can select any or all of your boxes to export and customise the sorting of boxes and items independently.

Screenshot of Ampoule app showing the PDF Export screen, with options to select boxes and sort boxes and items independently.

There are many options for customising the appearance of the printed document, including icon styles and colours. You can also select which item data fields to include, such as type, batch, expiry and quantity.

The Export PDF screen showing options for customising icon styles and data fields.

When you tap on Generate PDF, your document will be created. It can then be saved, shared or printed as needed.

The filename for saving or sharing can be customised, but this is optional. The default value includes a timestamp so you can easily distinguish multiple versions of your documents.