Comma Separated Values

Read on if you enjoy spreadsheets!

Comma Separated Values

Ampoule can export your inventory data in CSV format (comma-separated values). This is a widely-compatible format that can be imported to spreadsheet applications, used as an archive of data or processed for use in your code projects or databases.

Simply navigate to the Data tab in Ampoule, then select Export CSV. You can select which boxes to include in the CSV file, then choose whether to save it to the Files app, copy the text to the pasteboard or share the file with other people.


Here is an example of a CSV export from Ampoule. It includes the column headers. Rows are separated by new lines and values are separated by commmas. You can see that it is just plain text and easy for humans to read too. Fields with no data have nothing between the commas.

Medical Kit,Aciclovir,50 mg/g,Cream,ABC123,2,,Antiviral
Medical Kit,Quetiapine,20 mg/ml,Suspension,,1,31 Oct 2023,
Medical Kit,Levothyroxine,100 µg,Tablet,AB29GLJ,0,30 Apr 2023,

When imported to a spreadsheet application, this data would be tabulated like this:

Medical KitAciclovir50 mg/gCreamABC1232Antiviral
Medical KitQuetiapine20 mg/mlSuspension131 Oct 2023
Medical KitLevothyroxine100 µgTabletAB29GLJ030 Apr 2023

Hopefully CSV export is useful and increases the ways you can use your Ampoule data.

Other export options

From the Data tab in Ampoule, you can also export in JSON and PDF formats. There are Ampoule News articles about these!