Collaborate with iCloud

Collaborate with iCloud

Work with colleagues from a shared inventory in Ampoule

Version 1.4 of Ampoule finally introduces iCloud collaboration! This makes it easy for multiple people to work with the same inventory and have the data update automatically.

Collaboration happens on a per-box basis. When you share a box for collaboration, you remain its owner and only you can add or remove participants. You can also allow full editing privileges or set a participant to read-only.

How to share a box for collaboration

Sharing a box for collaboration is simple, and uses a familiar iOS workflow.

  1. Go to the Edit Box page (you can use the menu in the top right when viewing the contents of a box, or with a long press on a box).

  2. Scroll down and tap on Collaborate.

    Location of the Collaborate button on the Edit Box page.

  3. You will see a page appear that lets you add other iCloud users. Tap on Share With More People to send other people a message or email with a link. You can also copy the link directly. Share Options allows you to choose which users can read or modify your data.

    The share page

  4. The other users will need Ampoule installed and iCloud enabled on their iPhone or iPad. When they receive your message and tap the link, Ampoule will open and your shared box will be visible for them.

  5. You can see a list of participants and roles below the Collaborate button. Tap Manage Collaboration any time you need to add or remove participants, stop collaboration completely, or alter a participants ability to modify your data.

    Participants and roles

At the bottom of the edit page for a shared item or box you will see an extended list of metadata. This includes the name of the participant who last modified the data and when they did so.

Shared items can be identified with a cloud icon; boxes or items that you own will have a person inside the cloud icon.